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“She lives every minute of her life obsessed with the performance and is in love with the art form,” director Tom Quinn said of Rachel in Backstage magazine’s I Got Cast! feature. “She is the hungriest of young actors that I have ever met.”
On stage since she was 13, Rachel landed her first professional show just two years later. Since then, she’s earned her BFA, moved to NYC, and added nearly 80 shows to her resume- and her love for acting and theatre persists. Authentic, dedicated, and passionate, Rachel parses each role to find the deepest parts of her character and lay it out onstage.

Rachel Diamond Actor Reel from Rachel Diamond on Vimeo.


Rachel is also a produced playwright, both here in the US and across the pond in the UK. Skilled in both short and full-length plays, drama and comedy, Rachel is ready to take the playwriting world by storm! She is on the New Play Exchange right here.



In Progress...

In Progress…