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IMG_2647Rachel has teamed up with writer Maura Campbell for a new webseries! After meeting doing virtual play readings, Maura offered Rachel the role of Parker in her upcoming webseries, The Non-Essentials. Parker, a podcaster and journalist, spends the series dealing with her bipolar disorder while also going through COVID quarantine. Filming is set to begin in July.

On May 22, Rachel’s full-length play Straight on ‘Til Morning will be read by members of the COVID-inspired Online Theatre Company. You can watch the livestream by following this link.

As "Mackenzie" in GRAVE MYSTERIES, dir. Matt Lipke

As “Mackenzie” in GRAVE MYSTERIES, dir. Matt Lipke

Rachel played the role of “Mackenzie” in episode 201 of the Discovery ID Channel’s show Grave Mysteries and “Hannah” in episode 109 of the new John Walsh Series, In Pursuit.


She also played “Katie” in Bobby Holder’s Other Side of Happy; Bobby is the founder of TAPNYC!


Her unfinished play Say When was chosen by Act One, Scene Two to be presented. With the help of the A1S2 crew, Rachel is coming closer to finishing the full-length piece!


The film THE PORTRAIT MASTER, written by Larry Loebell and directed by Seth Reichgott, is in post-production. Rachel plays the Maid, who is also the lover of the apprentice. It being almost done is very exciting, as Rachel has been involved since the first table read in October 2013!

As "the Maid" in THE PORTRAIT MASTER, with Trevor William Fayle, dir. Seth Reichgott.

As “the Maid” in THE PORTRAIT MASTER, with Trevor William Fayle, dir. Seth Reichgott.


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Rachel is the host of the podcast We’re All Mad Here, which features stories about the history of mental illness. Click here to see her episodes and latest guest appearances on other podcasts.